There will be no April Mission St. Paul prayer gathering, as the Crosswalk was last Friday, March 30th.  The next Mission St. Paul prayer gathering will be May 8, 2018, location will be posted when available.  

 Other Gatherings:  

Save & Close
Our weekly pastors/para-church leaders prayer gatherings on Tuesday mornings from 8:30--10:00 AM at Bethel Christian Fellowship, 1466 Portland Ave, and Friday mornings from 8:30--10:00 AM at Cornerstone Crusade Faith Center at the corner of Hamline and Charles Ave. will continue throughout the Fall and Winter.  

Also, we strongly encourage you to engage in some of the city-wide outreaches and activities sponsored by Trinity Works (Love Twin Cities), Pulse, and Merge.  More information on all of those and other activities going on around the city can be found online.