Welcome to Mission St. Paul

The Whole Church bringing the Whole Gospel to the Whole City


Our mission is to see city-wide transformation in St. Paul as the whole church brings the whole gospel to the whole city.


City transformation will be released through:

  1. Prayer: Preparing for Truth
  2. Proclamation: Declaring the Truth
  3. Power: Confirming the Truth
  4. Practical: Demonstrating the Truth
  5. Reproduction: Discipling in the Truth

Foundational Definitions:

1. Whole Church - The whole church of St. Paul includes:

  • Theologically - Every Christ-centered, life-giving church and every person in whom Christ dwells, no matter what church they belong to or attend: Catholic, Evangelical, Mainline, Orthodox, Pentecostal/Charismatic
  • Geographically - Inner City, Urban, Neighborhood
  • Ethnically - African-American, African, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, Multi-ethnic, Other

2. Whole Gospel - The whole gospel includes:

  • The Great Commandment – To love God and our neighbors
  • The Great Commission – To make disciples
  • The Great Concern – To care for the poor

3. Whole City - the whole city includes:

  • Individuals - That none should perish
  • Systems - Reconciling all things to Himself - neighborhoods, government, education, business, media, the land, etc.

Foundational Principles and Values:*

  • We will focus on the absolutes of scripture
  • We are willing to submit our interpretations, deductions, opinions and preferences to the absolutes of scriptures in reaching our city
  • We will promote the ministry of Christ and His Word above our own mission or method
  • We are willing to bring our unique expressions of kingdom grace into the larger arena of reaching the city cooperatively
  • We will pray to raise the "water level" of the Holy Spirit's activity in our city
  • We are willing to "pour" prayer into the task of reaching the city
  • We will appreciate one another's respected interpretations of scripture
  • We are willing to embrace unity in the midst of diversity as we are fitted together in Christ to reach our city, recognizing that unity does not mean uniformity
  • We will practice supportive speech and actions towards others
  • We are willing to spur one another on towards love and good deeds as we seek to reach our city, publicly affirming one another and protecting private confidences

*(Adapted from Ted Haggard, Primary Purpose)


  • Weekly Pastors’ Prayer Gatherings
    • Recognizing the need for whole pastors & leaders to lead whole churches we will continue to gather weekly as pastors & ministry leaders for prayer and support. Currently there are two weekly prayer gatherings in Merriam Park and on the East Side, but we envision at least 1 or 2 more gatherings.
      • In order to maintain trust and safety these weekly prayer gatherings will be primarily for pastors and ministry leaders only
      • Prayer gatherings will multiply as a nucleus of at least three members who are already meeting together weekly begin a prayer group in a new area.
    • Ongoing interaction between these gatherings will happen on a monthly basis as we meet together to pray for a particular neighborhood. There may also be periodic regional prayer gatherings to enlarge the network of prayer.

Neighborhood Kingdom Initiatives

  • Recognizing that St. Paul is a city comprised of 17 distinct neighborhoods we will intentionally seek to encourage kingdom initiatives in each neighborhood.
  • Phase 1, Exploring the Land,” will focus on a specific neighborhood each month beginning in October, 2008. This exploration will include:
    • Gathering information from those neighborhoods including the “harvest force” of life-giving churches, ministries, and individuals, and the “harvest field,” primarily general demographics. We are also open to receiving information regarding history, economics, educational, governmental, cultural context, and non-Christian religious sites.
    • Targeting prayer for that neighborhood over the course of a given month we will then go to that neighborhood on the last Tuesday of the month to pray on-site.  

Inviting a wider group of intercessors & ministry leaders to join the pastors’ prayer gatherings on the last Tuesday of each month from 8:30 - 10:30 AM to pray together on-site for the neighborhoods.

  • Phase 2, Entering the Land, will focus on the 7 City Council Wards in St. Paul. This focus will include:
    • Meeting individually and collectively with pastors and ministry leaders in each ward for the purpose of strengthening the “harvest-force” network and developing partnerships. The desire is to eventually have a consistent pastors’ prayer gathering meeting in every ward.
    • Discovering and dialoguing with leaders in seven primary areas of influence: government, marketplace, education, family & cultural kinship, media, arts & entertainment, and church & para-church ministry within each ward.
    • Targeting prayer for each ward over the course of a given month. On the last Tuesday of each month from 8:30 – 10:30 AM pastors, ministry leaders, and intercessors will gather together for united, passionate, persevering, and expectant prayer. 
    • We will review our progress in the summer of 2011 and determine ongoing strategies for Entering the Land. This phase will be a multi-year process as we continue to engage in greater breadth and depth the 7 wards and 17 neighborhoods for the purpose of developing long-term, sustainable, collaborative kingdom partnerships.